The Dolder Grand

Celebrate in the unique atmosphere of a hotel that is committed to the extraordinary in every respect. For more than 100 years, the Dolder Grand has been a magnet for people seeking the extraordinary. The Hotel’s spectacular view over the city and lake and its luxurious atmosphere based on a passion for hospitality provide just that. Enjoy your stay in a unique combination of romantic ambience and modern elegance. The Hotel’s multi-award-winning Spa, featuring 4000 square meters is a blissful oasis of tranquillity that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. An exquisite cuisine at The Restaurant (2 Michelin stars, 18 points GaultMillau) or at Saltz restaurant (14 points GaultMillau) offers you ultimate pleasure for all the senses and a memorable experience.

Thanks to its elevated location, our Hotel not only provides a spectacular view over the city and the lake and reaching as far as the Alps, but also the chance to enjoy Zurich’s romantic sunset. This spectacular setting, which combines natural beauty and architectural brilliance, is what makes the Dolder Grand one of Switzerland’s most beautiful venues.