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Tell us your dream… and we’ll make it come true

Organising one’s own wedding, especially Indian destination wedding can be stressful and exhausting. At TNE, we thrill at planning and executing to perfection one of the greatest days of your life. From a small intimate ceremony to the brilliantly splendid, your finest moment will be celebrated with the utmost taste and style, – where you want and the way you want. For 100 guests or for 1000 guests, your wedding will be outstandingly conceived and flawlessly executed to be the most joyful – and memorable – day of your life.

Corporate Events

You’re in great company

New launches, brand activations, conferences, meetings, retreats or staff incentives… We have the capacities and state of the art infrastructure in each of our venues designed to host corporate events of scale. Our teams have decades of experience in planning corporate events for large multinational corporations, small organizations, to government institutions alike. We take care of every single detail for you in organization and implementation in order to ensure smooth and seamless delivery, so that you can focus on achieving your goals and – most importantly – on having fun.

Private Celebrations

Capture life’s precious moments right here

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, reunions, ceremonies… or simply the joy of living. Whatever your reason to celebrate, we go the extra mile in taking care of the smallest details for your very own personalized experience. Our venues offer the perfect settings for small functions as well as private celebrations for a few, to large events of scale. Here, we create memories that you can carry with you for a lifetime.

Services we provide

Location match / Budget Planning / Documentation / Transportation / Planning / Design / Production / Management

How we work

Our Expertise

Our greatest strength comes from working with the best venues in Switzerland and Europe; most suitable for Indian destination weddings and events. Our teams of industry experts and international wedding planners have the ability to take your dream and turn it into a magical story. The distinctive combination of our Indian ingenuity combined with our Swiss skill sets makes us unique in our approach, resources, design and delivery.

Our approach

Our approach is straightforward; think things through, work with smart people, deliver results professionally and most importantly; listen. We are extremely passionate about our profession and treat every event with a fresh energetic approach.

We Listen

Every wedding, milestone moment or corporate event starts with you; your idea, your vision, your dream. We encourage you to bring anything and everything that will help us bring your idea to life. We get an understanding of what you want, how you want it and what you expect from us.

We match

The perfect location and creative team is key. Our collection of Hotels and Castles is the result of a long and thorough process. We only work with venues that have the capacity, the infrastructure and the flexibility to answer the most extraordinary needs. We help you make a selection of venues that match your aesthetic sense, your requirements and your expectations and most significantly; your budgets.

We conceptualize

Our teams now exchange with you our first ideas and concepts, along with basic visualizations, samples of materials, recommended creative approaches, options and the advantages of each approach. Our goal is to align your vision and our creativity to then deliver results that exceed your expectations.

We try and test

Your event should be a brilliant sensory experience. At this stage we take you through an exciting and fun mini journey of tasting, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and finally approving.

We plan

Before creativity comes planning. Being Swiss we do not leave even the smallest detail to chance. We allocate budgets and draw an overview of timelines per concept. We have a well-earned and well-deserved reputation for working fast, working hard and delivering results professionally and efficiently.

We create

This is where we take full charge of the whole event for you. We ensure that all the elements and every detail come together as planned within the set timelines so that you can relax and enjoy your big day.

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