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We create outstanding events in Europe’s; especially Switzerland’s, most stunning destinations.

Tehiya Narvel Events is Switzerland’s most comprehensive full service Weddings and Events Planner specializing in concepts, design, planning and management of luxury events. TNE works with Europe’s most legendary venues – each one a beautiful destination for your customized wedding, private celebration or corporate event.

Our strength lies in our ability to take inspiration from your ideas, combine it with our creativity and then incorporate the resulting blend into brilliant venues to finally leave you dazzled and, in most cases, speechless. Whatever the occasion – weddings, anniversaries, corporate events of varying scales or brand activation launches, we turn the most ambitious aspirations into spectacular reality.


“Tehiya Narvel is Switzerland’s best Wedding and Events Planner by any standard. Their concepts, meticulous planning and management reflect the team’s total dedication and hard work!

Carlos Reinhard

Tehiya’s ability to take on projects as if they were her own personal events is second to none. Her professionalism and teamwork is greatly appreciated. We definitely could not have pulled off this event without Tehiya and her team.

Kathleen Bosco, Senior Events Planner, Mckesson

“Tehiya’s immaculate planning, attention to every detail and fantastic team are unparalleled. Her ability to stay calm in challenging situations while motivating everyone around is a remarkable asset.

David Ashley

“Not only did Tehiya and her team organise a fairytale wedding for us, they left us awestruck by their creativity, professionalism and their excitement. Tehiya turned every little detail in something magical! All I can say is WOW! We would highly recommend Tehiya and team.”

Tanveer Sohal

“Tehiya was very energetic and passionate about the project and planning our wedding events. She invested her full effort and creativity into our events and truly made it a memorable wedding experience for us and our guests. There was no detail she didn’t consider and her diligence was noticed by all our guests. Tehiya was always very easy to communicate with leading up to the events and she was very open to give her honest suggestions and feedback while we considered the many options. She clearly has a strong knowledge of the culture, locations, and language that we found very useful in the course of our event planning. My wife and I would whole heartedly recommend Tehiya to our family and friends.”

Dr. Raj Kumar

“With their passion and dedication Tehiya and her team exceeded all our expectations, surprising us with more than what we signed up for. She has taken wedding planning and customer satisfaction to a whole new plateau!”

M Gupta

“Tehiya’s energy is palpable. The entire team topped event after event with incredible creativity and vision, not once losing their smiles… They made it all look so easy. Thank you Tehiya and team!”

Vimla Gupta

“Tehiya, Max & team were fabulous. We had such a good time! We were amazed by their passion… to make every event more fabulously successful than the other. The gorgeous décor, exciting entertainment, we could not have asked for anything better! I would recommend them anytime.”

Navin & Rachna Jain

“Best wedding I ever attended. Incredible attention to detail. Felt so cared for despite large wedding. Thank you!”

Jane Carter

“Excellent planning & coordination. Unexpected surprises in the most unusual settings. Impressive flexibility and faaaantastic service. Superb execution of all events. Beautiful decoration. Pure fairytale magic. Bravo Tehiya and team!”

Bharti Pathak

“Tehiya & team made the last days seem effortless. She has unbelievable energy, great team spirit, fantastic planning. With attention to the smallest detail they made everything perfect and each guest felt like they were number one. Great food and fantastic entertainment. We will miss you!”

S Rao

“Tehiya’s out of the box thinking mirrors her increbible talent in the events she creates. With tireless energy she took the simple and turned it into something magical. True genius. All the best!”

Mayank Kumar
Tehiya and her team have shown enthusiasm and professionalism during the set-up of the wedding and during the guests full stay. We have been touched by Tehiya and her team’s passion for their work and their tireless efforts to fulfil every wish of their guests. She has assisted the Victoria-Jungfrau hotel immensely with her knowledge of the Indian culture.
Chiara Rossi

Our Expertise

The distinctive combination of our Indian ingenuity combined with our Swiss skill sets makes us unique in our approach, resources, design and delivery. Our greatest strength comes from working with the best venues in Europe. As Switzerland’s full service Weddings and Events Planners we pride ourselves in the formidable teams we create of extremely talented professionals . . . read more >>